Our Rental Policies

Have you ever rented a jumper before? *** Please read this***

        Below are the basic things you need to know about renting a jumper.

    All our prices are listed in red under each product. We have “BOTTOM LINE PRICING”, which means we don’t artificially raise our prices then turn around and offer false discounts, like some companies do. We are professionals. Our prices stay as low as we can afford, year round. There are many companies that charge ridiculously low prices, typically they have 2 or 3 jumpers in their garage and rent them out as a “hobby”. These companies generally aren’t licensed or insured.

We are licensed and insured.

Access to your property  / (DRIVEWAY ISSUES) - Our drivers use trucks and trailers to deliver the equipment. Please let us know if there are any issues with our drivers being able to drive into your driveway with our trailer. EG. IF YOUR DRIVEWAY IS LONG AND NARROW AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP A LONG DISTANCE INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY TO REACH YOUR RESIDENCE, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT... (BEFORE WE ARRIVE).


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I need to make a reservation.

A: We need to know the following:

Name, delivery address, phone #, email address, party date, start time - end time, what surface the jumper is going to be on. Then we need to know what items you want.

Q: Do I need a permit at a park

A: All customers are resposible to know what is required at your specific venue. If your party is going to be at a park, customers need to check with the park office (if any) and make any necessary arrangemtents, reservations, or obtain a permit if required. We are a professional company. We are licensed and insured to set up anywhere. We are not responsible for customers permits or park reservations.

Q: How long do we get the jumper for?

A: Our rentals are for up to 6 hrs house, 5 hrs park  or sunset. We do not have 1/2 day or hourly rental rates.

Q: What time do you deliver & pick-up the jumper?

A: Your delivery could be any time between 8 am and one hour before your party “start time”. Your rental time starts from the start time, not the delivery time.

Pick up will be on or after the “End Time” as stated on your rental agreement.

IMPORTANT... For park customers we need to know what time your parts “Starts”. We will deliver the jumper 30-45 minutes before your designated “start time”.  For example, if you tell us your party starts at 11am, we will deliver and set up the jumper at about 10:15 - 10:30 am.

*Pick up - We will pick up within 30 minutes of you “end time” of your party. So if you say your party will end at 4pm, our driver will be there sometime between 4 and 4:30 to pick up.

Q: Can we tip the driver?

A: You sure can. Tips are gratefully appreciated.

Q: What if it rains?

A: During severe weather such as rain or high winds, etc.., we reserve the right to cancel any reservation. Under questionable weather conditions, you will be given an option of having your jumper set up. Once the jumper is set up, there will be no refunds, and if rain or wind persist, or is forecasted, we may pick up the unit immediately. If we cancel on you, due to weather conditions or any other conditions, you will not be charged. (For more information, see “Rain Policy” above).

Q: How much room do I need?

A: We need at least 2-3 feet around the jumper for safety, set up and removal. The size

of the jumpers are listed on each web page. Jumpers come in Small (11‘x11’), Medium (13‘x13’), Large (15‘x15’).  As an example, a Large jumper (15‘x15’) will need a clean and clear area of 20‘x20’.

Q: What type of surface can the jumper be on?

A: Grass, concrete driveway, ashphalt, brick pavers etc... We do not set up on dirt, sand, rocks.

Q: How long does it take to set up and take down?

A: Generally, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to set up an average jumper.  It may take a little longer than that depending on the surface or other circumstances.

Q: Are your jumpers clean and safe?

A: Yes, our company provides safe and clean jumpers.  All of the jumpers have steps on the entrance and safety instructions are printed on the outside.  We clean our jumpers after each use. Lysol disinfectant on the inside and Simple Green on the outside. If it was rented the day before, we clean it up on the site prior to use. The reason we don’t set up in dirt and weeds is so that we have clean and safe jumpers. We take pride in our equipment and keeping them clean is essential.

Q: Do we have to put a deposit?

A: A credit card is required for all orders. Any deposit will be discussed at time of booking.

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve?

A: We have limited numbers of jumpers for different themes that’s why we suggest making the reservation 2-3 weeks before your event.  However, you can call anytime and check our availability.

Q: Do you deliver on holidays?

A: Yes. Discounts do not apply on holidays or prime rental days.

Q: How many children can use the jump safely?

A: Supervision is required at all times while your guests use the jumper, particularly small children. 

11x11 Jumper - 6 kids or 600 lbs

13x13 Jumper - 8 kids or 800 lbs

15x15 Jumper - 10 kids or 1000 lbs

Our Policies

Safety is of utmost importance for us. WIth that in mind, Action Bounce Company and any of our representatives reserves the right to cancel any reservation, or not set up our equipment when,in our opinion, our customers safety or our employees safety is in question.

Delivery Policy

Our jumpers weigh between 200 and 450 lbs. Keeping that in mind, delivering some equipment can be challenging. You are responsible to clear a path to the set up area. Our jumpers can be up to 36 inches (3 ft.) in width. If we are going through a gate to your backyard, please make sure there is enough clearance through the gate and clear away any obstacles that may get in the way which include trash cans, boxes, etc.

We have a “NO STAIRS POLICY”. This means we do not go up / down stairs with this equipment. You must consider this when making your reservation. If we arrive and find the equipment can not be “delivered” and set up due to accessibility issues such as, stairs, obstacles, small gate etc... we consider this as a cancellation and you (the customer) will be responsible to pay 50% of the reservation.

Access to your property  / (DRIVEWAY ISSUES) - Our drivers use trucks and trailers to deliver the equipment. Please let us know if there are any issues with our drivers being able to drive into your driveway with our trailer. EG. IF YOUR DRIVEWAY IS LONG AND NARROW AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP A LONG DISTANCE INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY TO REACH YOUR RESIDENCE, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT BEFORE WE ARRIVE. The easier you make it for us, the better. Again, keep in mind, if we can’t deliver this equipment - this falls under our cancellation policy.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

By creating a reservation, you agree to our cancellation policy according to the following terms.

To cancel your event you need to call and talk to someone in person and have it approved by staff. You will be given a cancellation number.  Leaving a message or sending an email is not sufficient. You may cancel your reservation if you wish. Any charges will be applied to the credit card given under the following terms.

    Cancel up to 8 days before your event, the deposit will not be refunded.

Cancel within 7 days up to your event, Cancellation Fee of  50% of the order amount.

These fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

Deposits are non refundable. If we deliver the jumper and find another company is already there, and you double booked, you will be charged for the entire rental on the credit card given at time of the order.

Rain / Weather Policy / Rain Cancellation

We do not deliver in the rain. You may cancel your order at any time prior to the day of your event, due to rain or inclement weather conditions. We do not charge for that.

We reserve the right to cancel your entire order due to any inclement weather conditions such as wind, sprinkles, showers, rain, or even if there is a chance of rain or any other inclement weather condition not previously mentioned. We can not risk getting the inflatables or electric blowers wet. It’s unsafe for the kids, and harmful to the equipment. Rain also causes safety conditions with kids slipping on jumpers they can twist ankles, fall and bump heads, get a concussion, and rain getting into the blowers can short them out and cause electrocution.

If we cancel your reservation due to weather related issues, you will NOT be charged anything. If your order includes tables, chairs, concessions or “anything else” you are welcome to self pick up at our warehouse in Escondido and return the items as agreed upon, only if we decide to make that available. Please understand we don’t want to cancel jobs but when we do, we hear all the complaints. If you have ANY questions about our policies at all please ask. Unfortunately we can’t think of every circumstance that can happen so if you have a particular circumstance that you are wondering about that’s not mentioned here, just ask.

We (may or may not) decide to deliver tables, chairs, concessions or other items if we cancel your order with the inflatable. If we do decide to, standard delivery rates start at $49.00 and go up. Please understand, when we cancel business we also cancel on our workers, and if we cancel on them, we may not have anyone available to deliver those items even if we want to. So we can not give any guarantee to be able to deliver anything if the jumper is cancelled due to weather or any other reason.

I hope that covers it. We apologize ahead of time for any cancelations. This is a very tough topic. We know if we have to cancel a job due to bad weather people aren’t going to be happy about it which is why we are THOROUGHLY having to explain it here.

Again... if you have any questions or possible scenarios you want to ask us, we encourage you to call.

Pricing Policy

For residential parties or parties at parks - cash payment is required at time of delivery - we do not accept checks. For larger events at churches, schools or commercial businesses, an alternate method of payment may be made with advance notice.

Payment is due at delivery. We do accept business checks, however we do not take personal checks.

If for some reason we do accept a check and it is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be  a $25.00 fee, plus any fees we are charged by our banking institution.

***When you order a bounce house or any other inflatable, we pay the driver a portion of that for his labor for set up, cleaning and picking back up. We also do charge for delivery. We have different delivery prices for different areas. If you have any questions, just ask. The delivery price is what we pay the driver for the use of his personal vehicle, fuel and maintenance. If you order a bounce house, tables, chairs, a concession machine for example, the delivery rate will be a small amount. If you decide to change your order and cancel the inflatable (for any reason), we will re evaluate your order and changes will be made to the delivery rate which is what we will be paying the driver. This also goes for rainy days where we need to cancel the inflatable due to rain. Standard minimum delivery rates for orders not including inflatables start at $49.00 and go up. If you have any questions, please ask.

Do we price match?

We strive to offer better quality and service than our competition at rates that are good and often cheaper than some other companies in San Diego. Often we are asked if we match prices with other companies that are cheaper, our answer is no. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive company to rent from. Too many times we hear about companies that were late, don’t show up at all, cancel at the last minute,  jumpers were dirty, torn, old, poor quality, poor customer service, drivers were rude etc. Why would we lower our prices to match them?

    Cheapest isn’t always the best. Companies that offer ridiculous rates typically don’t have a business license,are uninsured, they may have a couple jumpers in their garage and rent them out in their “off time” from their day job. Their jumpers usually are old and poor quality, and quite often they will cancel on your event at the last minute to take a better job. They are not an actual business. Every weekend we get calls from numerous customers that are looking for an “Emergency Jumper” because the company they ordered with cancelled on them at the last minute.

Action Bounce Co. is our business. This is our “Full time job”. We are a professional party rental company. We carry a business license and we are fully insured. There are reasons we pay so much money for cleaners, drivers, repairs, etc. It's for our customers. We recognize most parents care about quality and safety when it comes to their kids. We focus on quality not quantity when it comes to your party.

Thank you

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